Tom Shields
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"Thomas "Tom" Allen Shields" is an American swimming (sport)/swimmer who swims for the University of California, Berkeley. He currently holds the List of United States records in swimming/American record in the 50-meter butterfly (short course), the 100-meter butterfly (short course), and the 200-meter butterfly (short course). He also shares the American record for the 200-yard butterfly with Michael Phelps at 1:39.65, set at the 2013 NCAA Championships.

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Millions of dollars have been spent on these lawsuits (restricting casinos), and no one has stepped up and taken responsibility for paying the bills. The question is, who is paying for it.

Mr. Williams is not and never has been homosexual. Accordingly, he did not attempt to conceal his true sexuality in the book.

Voters clearly understand the importance of proper education funding. The proposal would pass with a slim majority of 56 percent if the election were held today. However, once voters learn the consequences of this funding mandate, their support decreases significantly.

It's my understanding the McDonald's there is one of the top five grossing McDonald's in the country, ... The gas stations have 25 to 30 pumps and they're always busy.

We will look it over to see what to do.

We would hope that the final for m of any legislation would take into consideration the compacts we have already negotiated, settlement agreement we have reached, and all the work that has gone into this project by tribes, the city and the state.

The opposition is really the competition these days.

My feeling is the entire city of Detroit and the suburbs will be one big party celebrating the Super Bowl.