The conspiracy theories have never had it better.

For a long time Israelis have long stopped going to Gaza even if they have continued to carry out their military obligations. They are not even able to pinpoint these famous settlements on a map.

He enjoys the status of a father figure. He's not anymore conceived of as a normal politician but a larger-than-life figure. He's almost like a museum-type of man. There's a feeling that the last tycoon is gone now.

It was a time when Israel was in a mood of looking down at everything that was Jewish, especially what was considered Jewish weakness.

I don't think he worked as a Nazi hunter as the Hollywood image would like it to be the case. He cultivated that myth because it gave a lot of weight to himself as a symbol, and also to his work.

I don't think we've ever had a situation where so much of our politics depends on one person.

It's like everybody's a relative: the whole country's glued to the radio or the TV, waiting for details from the hospital.

We were always told we cannot use them, we cannot publish them because it would help Holocaust deniers. Now suddenly these papers are being released to fight the Holocaust deniers.

He took the Holocaust out of its Jewish limitations and made it a source of energy in the universal struggle against racism and for human rights. That's probably more important than his role in locating Nazi criminals.