It's very rewarding. I don't know what gets so addictive about it. I think you catch it from somebody - like a disease.

The beautiful thing about this garden is that it's year-round. It's just as beautiful in the winter.

We were slammed when we went to do pick-ups. It took two days (as opposed to one in previous years), and people have been dropping off books ever since. The hallways of our offices are literally choked with (boxes of ) books.

Truthfully, the master gardener who designed this doesn't like it anymore. He likes space, so you get the feeling of each plant individually. I like it growing together. So we've kind of fought him a little.

We consider it a public garden, a piece of Uptown. People stop and look and thank us. During the Uptown Art Fair, someone liked our garden so much that he left us a present.