That's a huge advantage going into overtime knowing we're on the power play. Basically the game was in our hands at that point, and luckily we capitalized.

I think a lot of teams are playing a lot right now, so that would be a poor excuse.

This was a huge win for us. Earlier in the year we hadn't played these guys very well. We are treating every game like it's a playoff game right now and each point is important.

Realistically, a lot of what they're doing offensively is helping us. The forwards are doing a great job right now of working low. And basically that allows our defense to step up and it makes the play that much cleaner coming back.

The puck was in a good place and I shot it as hard as I could. I knew I was in a good spot and I yelled as loud as I could for the puck. Joe Thornton did all the work, I had the easy part.

I went to get the puck and they waved icing off at the last second. I saw him coming out of the corner of my eye. I was against the boards so I was going to eat the puck. He came in high. I don't know if he came in with an elbow but he definitely left his feet.

When Joe got the puck I was screaming at him pretty loud and obviously Joe Thornton knows how to find guys. He's fun to play with and watch out there. He knows where you want the puck and he gets it there. Basically I did the easy part. He did all the work.

This is really what we needed. I'm praying we can get a little more consistency for the last part of the year, get a winning streak going and see what happens.