It's been a long time. Any time Post plays Tech, it's a big game. This is a great way for us to start conference play.

It'll be hard, but at the same time I know the time has come. I'm going to miss it. Lacrosse has been my life since I was in college.

They lost probably more than anybody, but they may be able to recover. On paper, we're as competitive as anybody in the NYCAC. Can we win it? I don't know.

There are no locks and anything can happen the rest of the way. I don't think we've hit our strongest point as a team yet, we haven't played up to our potential for a full game. We're a solid team, but we can play better.

It's a young man's game. I just don't feel I'm as good at it as I ever was. You start to lose the game a little, you don't see it as fast. I've noticed that in the last few years, to be honest. You get a little slower.

We're a very tough team to beat. We're not the greatest team in America yet. But they're determined. They feel that this is their year.