I didn't hit a great putt. What are you going to do? Lucas played a great round. My hat's off to him.

I feel great about my game. I've set some lofty goals, and I'm ready to start getting after them.

It's difficult, obviously, when you have a course that sits out here with different wind conditions than the other three. Being able to adapt and able to strategize based upon the wind, I think, is the key here.

I personally like what Vijay is doing out here, playing 30 or 31 events. We have 43 title sponsors, but Tiger thinks we have 18. Right now, Vijay is doing more for the PGA Tour than anybody ... I think Tiger needs to show his talents at different events. There are a lot of tournaments he's never played. There's no reason he can't play them.

When you meet up in your early days, those are the relationships that last. A lot of things are different than those days, but our practice rounds are basically the same.

With the wind blowing, (and) shooting 2 under here, you've got to be happy, there's no question about that.

I had my opportunities. Lucas shot 65 and birdied the last two holes. He did everything he could to win a golf tournament. My hat's off to him. He's a great young player.

Other than that, it was pretty much under control.