We're never going to outspend the competition in the marketing or production of a movie. What we can do as well or better than the studios ... is a realistic, gut-level, visceral horror movie that doesn't rely on special effects.

The awards season attention that Crash has been getting continues to help drive DVD sales.

To its supporters, the passion that the film creates is really unlike the feelings that any other film has generated among its supporters in the last seven years. That passion among its supporters is what gives us a great chance at victory on March 5th.

There have been a lot of excellent films, character studies, and some on really tough subject matters.

Last week's sweep of the guild nominations by Crash was absolutely the catalyst for this extensive mailing.

Our economic model is much different than the studios. When a Rob Zombie movie like 'The Devil's Rejects' grosses $17 million, or Eli Roth's first movie grosses $20 million, that's very successful for us.

A Best Picture nomination and win will mean several hundred thousand additional DVD sales and higher TV and foreign rights.

We think it will be highly controversial. Yet, it stands on its own merits as a well-made movie.

It's a very effective and cost-efficient way to bring Crash to the people who need to see it. The most important part of the awards process is the movie itself.