I've never been through anything like that before, ... They pushed you so hard. Seven days a week for six or seven hours a day. I think the first episode didn't do justice to the intensity of what everyone went through.

I can't describe how fortunate and excited we are to have this jersey for the Hall. I think it is great commentary on the type of fans this organization has. They feel it's a privilege to help out the Hall of Fame. It's a great story.

I didn't drink a single beer until my senior year.

Let's see if we can figure out a way out of here.

It's definitely among the Top 5 in the Hall's collection.

In order to cover the potential shortfall of $3.8 million caused by the delay in receiving the gaming revenues, I will be forced to eliminate nearly $4 million worth of desperately needed positions from the city's budget proposal for 2006.

It was an amazing experience, I wouldn't trade it for anything, ... But if you asked me 'Would I do it again?' I'd say no.

We believe we could make a substantial offer to the people in New Orleans to come to Pittsburgh, ... This is a bold statement on the part of all of us from Pittsburgh, to say, 'Come, and we are going to open our arms and doors to you.'

That is a whole separate strain.