Sonya Dickinson made some great moves inside and even though her first few shots didn't fall, she stuck with it, rebounded well and played great defense.

I think she probably played the best game of her career. At the end she came up with some key rebounds for us.

Just before that shot, Cousins had fouled out, so I felt pretty good, but then they hit their first two shots and I said maybe I shouldn't feel too good.

It wasn't a pretty game, but it was our third game of the week. And we went hard to the basket.

They just shot extremely well. And they were the toughest half-court defensive team we faced all year. It wasn't us. Skowhegan's defense took us out of what we wanted to do. Give them all the credit.

Sarah is one of the best defensive players I've seen go one-on-one with the other team's guards ... she tenacious.

I told the kids that Brunswick was going to make a run at us and our kids were pretty resilient and didn't get rattled.

We played two different zones which we don't usually do. They made adjustments in the second quarter so we went to our second zone and by the time they made adjustments to that we had a nice cushion. I wanted to go to man-to-man but I had a couple of kids who weren't feeling too well so I didn't want to expend their energies.