We've been there two or three times looking at opportunities. That's where racing is going. It's going to reach new (global) markets quickly, once we figure out how to get pari-mutuel operations in there.

I know many of you said, 'It's going to be the Yum Kentucky Derby? I want to tell you something about that - that's not the case.

You'll see very discreet signage. It won't look like a baseball stadium.

Roy Chapman will always be an inspiration for those who pursue the dream of winning the Kentucky Derby, and were all better for having known him.

The interview process has begun, but (the board of directors) hasn't clearly identified a candidate at this juncture.

That's much how racing started in the United States.

We have to be very careful what we do with the Derby. It's like a classic painting. Someone already put the colors on the Derby. That part, we understand. Our job is not to add colors. Our job is to frame it, to make sure that frame is contemporary.

Bob Lewis was a treasured member of the Kentucky Derby family and a friend to everyone in Thoroughbred racing.