You structure your policy based on demand.

There has never been a three-week stretch of season ticket sales like this. Ever.

The phones started ringing at 4:31 that day. The reaction was spontaneous combustion.

I hope we get to that point.

I hope we get to that point. Those are nice challenges to have, but we're not there yet. It's an unprecedented time and we're riding the wave.

With the Internet and 24-hour talk radio and sports cable stations, Sidney Crosby has been known for years ... As big a story as Mario was, the Canadian media didn't come to training camp. It's just a different media world.

Think about it. It's a Friday in July in Pittsburgh and it's 4:30. You don't sell season tickets on Friday evenings in July. Our staff said they would stay until the phones stopped ringing. They stayed until midnight.

People called us cash strapped which wasn't necessarily true, ... We just didn't spend money we didn't have.