Every day I'm learning new things (about Mt. Carmel) . . . I keep in mind I don't have all the answers. I know you can often find the best solutions by listening to people.

It will be a little dusty this year, but there will be a great end product.

I was exposed to (teaching) from the time I was very young. It's just something I knew I had a knack for, and I like working with kids.

I'm getting to know the culture and doing a lot of listening, ... I'm here to become part of the organization.

I liked being on a team and that sense of accomplishment of working and winning together.

We have great test scores, veteran teachers who are good at what they do and a great group of kids. Our challenge is to look at what we can fine-tune (for continuous improvement).

It's a very different type of activity than what you would have if you had somebody worried about an agriculture issue.

I was used to being around practices.

Dad's big watchword was flexibility . . . so much stuff happens (in school and in life) you have to be ready and flexible.