And there is no way anyone could, even if the military was twice as conscientious. It is unknowable, unless you assume that every act of abuse is immediately reported up the chain of command.

The administration demanded that soldiers extract information from detainees without telling them what was allowed and what was forbidden. Yet when abuses inevitably followed, the leadership blamed the soldiers in the field instead of taking responsibility.

There's a lot of public pressure to retain the language intact. At the same time, there's pressure from the vice president's office to modify it.

Apparently were worried that if they were to name Uzbekistan this year, after never naming them before, it would look like they did it just because they're mad about being kicked off the base.

We have a high degree of confidence that such facilities exist in at least Poland and Romania.

What is really clear is that this is a dead-end policy and they are close to the dead end.

It is another positive sign that the administration is willing to be honest and straightforward about the shortcomings of its allies in the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia.

The administration is setting a dangerous example for the world when it claims that spy agencies are above the law.

Is a wonderful way of getting false concessions out of innocent people. It is a terrible way of getting the truth out of guilty people.