Carroll was their go-to guy and they played very well. If they had put the first quarter and a half together, they would have beaten us.

That was his best game of the year. He had 31, which is fabulous, but his rebounding and his defense were really strong tonight, and he had struggled in the past 2½ weeks. He did the things we asked him to do.

Right out of the gate, it was over just like that. We're pushing the ball and playing like we're supposed to right now.

Obviously he made a big difference. He was a big plus.

The beauty of this game for both teams is that this is a pre-playoff experience for free. It was a great atmosphere, the game was on the line and it was free because both teams should play on. It would be a shame if South did not get in with their record and the success they had this year.

We executed nicely until the last the last three minutes. And we missed crucial free throws.

Our fall in the last two weeks is due to several injuries and if we hadn't had them we might have fared better. But those are all part of the game.

It will be more difficult as we travel now.

You've got to give South a lot of credit. They're small, they're scrappy, they're hard-nosed and they didn't give up.