The department's running very well, ... There's a major comfort level on the part of all of us.

It didn't make a difference to me who was coaching them, whether it was Eileen or a parent or an assistant coach, as long as [the girls] had the opportunity to play. I certainly didn't discourage them.

I think it should be there, I really do.

He basically carried the ball on that whole study. I provided a little guidance, ... He's a total self-starter. He's gotten very enthusiastic about the project.

The system is obviously broken.

This sends a strong message to growers that the law will not tolerate requiring workers to work off the clock.

I think she's a wonderful person. I think her basketball knowledge and relationship with the girls was outstanding.

The Arts Council and its affiliates bring a lot of money to this city. To not vote to give them money is just plain crazy.

It is difficult -- if not impossible -- in certain areas to achieve what we consider the appropriate level of accountability and enforcement unless the charter school governing body agrees with the proposed terms.