It's crucial to our program's success. It puts you on the map if you're there year after year, ... This group has a chip on their shoulder. They don't want to be the group that has the playoff absence.

They've all played well, ... It's a nice problem to have.

He's our playmaker back there, ... He started some even as a freshman.

We like our line as much as we liked last year's line, ... That's saying a lot because last year's line was outstanding. This group doesn't have the experience, but they may be a little quicker. We have more depth than we did last year. It will help us on both sides of the ball.

We could not build projects of this nature without federal aid such as this. This type of project is important to all cities, whether they're in Alabama or Arizona or North Dakota.

We have a good selection of backs.

We'll be a little more balanced offensively in terms of running and throwing, ... Last year we had outstanding backs. It was silly not to line up, pound the ball, and let them break off 60-yard runs. We're going to widen out a bit. We do have some weapons.

They'll do an outstanding job.

Losing 18 seniors is an opportunity to start over, ... We have an outstanding group coming up. The juniors and sophomores will contribute early. We have a smaller senior class, but we like what we have. It's going to be a fun year.