There's no disputing his success offensively. He should be an exciting guy to work with.

The one thing you always know about anything Robert does is that his heart and soul will totally be in it.

He wanted to build a stadium where he could stand on the 50-yard line and know he's in Detroit.

The important thing is, we like Jeff Backus a lot. We have a great relationship with him on and off the field.

I have to give the Ford family credit. They wanted it done first-class and told me to do things the right way. We put a lot of care and thought into everything.

In no small measure, the Ford family's commitment to the city and the fans here was reflected in the commitment of the other 31 owners to bring the Super Bowl here. We're the only northern city to get it a second time.

It really is a family day -- a chance for the kids to be able to come out. The kinds of experiences that people get, they'll remember for the rest of their lives. That's not always possible on a regular season game day when guys are preparing.

He exceeded our expectations at Ford Field in the first year of this thing. It's funny, he's almost his worst enemy now because the expectations are so high, but he keeps meeting them.

We'll continue to work with him, and it's our goal to try and reach a long-time contract with him.