"Grange Hill", Adam in "Love And Hate", Wykeham in "Knight School (CITV series)/Knight School"

/ spouse = Victoria Milne-Taylor (engaged January 2008)


"Tom Hudson" or "Thomas Hudson" (born 2 October 1986 in Salford, Greater Manchester/Salford) is an England/English actor.

Hudson played the roles of Baz Wainwright in Grange Hill between 2003 and 2007 and of Paul Clayton (Coronation Street)/Paul Clayton, son of Terry Duckworth, in Coronation Street between 2007 and 2008. Hudson left Coronation Street in May 2008.

Other roles have included a part in the film Love + Hate and a small part as Jamie Coldwell in television series Casualty (TV series)/Casualty. He also had parts in Knight School, Heartbeat (UK TV series)/Heartbeat and The Royal.

In January 2008 Hudson announced his engagement to marry his girlfriend of two years, Victoria.

Hudson worked as a magician in Hamleys toy shop.

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It's a big turning point in the field of human genetics and understanding risk factors to disease.

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You use a portion of tax already levied to improve a district over time.

My team and I have kept a constant eye on implementation. In the state of Idaho, there are relatively few tools available to us.

There are some things cities can go after and some things they can't.

There's a tremendous amount of support, a network of support, for this kind of thing.

It's like putting someone out in space for the first time, ... It's not yet to the moon or to another planet, but it is a major milestone.

Certainly, one thing that has to be considered is that while this place is a great area to live, the cost of living is significantly higher than the state average. And traffic is clearly becoming an issue as well.

We're aware of the issue. I think it's certainly something we need to look at more in-depth.