Tom Henderson
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"Thomas Edward "Tom" Henderson" is an American former professional basketball player born in Newberry, South Carolina.

A tough-minded 6'4" Guard (basketball)/guard from the University of Hawaii, Henderson was selected by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the 1974 NBA Draft/1974 National Basketball Association Draft. He went on to have a productive nine-year (1974–1983) professional career, playing for the Hawks, the Washington Wizards/Washington Bullets, and the Houston Rockets. Henderson accumulated 6,088 career points and 3,136 career assist (basketball)/assists, and he reached the NBA Finals three times, winning with the Bullets in 1978.

Since retiring from basketball, Henderson has worked as an Administration (business)/administrator at a Houston, Texas/Houston-area juvenile facility.

While still an amateur as a college student, Henderson was on the United States basketball team at the 1972 Summer Olympics and was part of the controversial 1972 Olympic Men's Basketball Final.

Henderson and the rest of the team have never accepted the silver medal.

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