Tom Harmon
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"Thomas Dudley "Tom" Harmon", sometimes known by the nickname "Old 98", was an American football player, military pilot, and sports broadcaster.

Harmon grew up in Gary, Indiana, and played college football at the Halfback (American football)/halfback position for the University of Michigan from 1938 to 1940. He led the nation in scoring and was a consensus All-American in both 1939 and 1940 and won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, and the Associated Press Athlete of the Year award in 1940. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1954.

During World War II, Harmon served as a pilot in the United States Army Air Corps. In April 1943, he was the sole survivor of the crash of a bomber he piloted in South America en route to North Africa. Six months later, while flying a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, he was shot down in a dogfight with Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero/Zeros near Jiujiang/Kiukiang in China.

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We battled and made the plays we needed to at the times we needed to. The kids are starting to grow mentally.

We're not strikeout pitchers and we're not pretending to be. We preach location, and when Darcy is at her best she's hitting her spots.

I think she really tries every day to do the best she can. If there is ever a sign of frustration on the field I think it's just because she is so passionate about the game.

It was just one of those games where both pitchers were effective with what they needed to do. It was a really good, close game.

It was a tight game. We've had three games with (Mount Baker) and they've all gone the same way.