It's a big loss for Stanford, and it's a big loss for the conference. The achievements are truly monumental, looking at it in terms of building the program, hiring outstanding coaches and building outstanding facilities. The one missing facility is the football stadium, and now that's moving forward.

[Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen said Stoops is an example of the upgraded coaching across the conference.] It's pretty clear that Mike has that program headed in a good direction, ... I don't think there's any doubt he's going to succeed there.

It's about time the Pac-10 was impacted positively by a hurricane.

I think the way we've structured it with the four games plus the national championship will be a positive.

Now we just have to get lucky for a year or two.

When we sell television properties, ... we're already claiming all of California.

I want to commit as soon as possible, ... I want to get it over with. It's everything. It's the calls every day, the coaches wanting to be your friends. ... It's a tough decision. It's hard.

We thought perhaps if we invited Texas A&M as well, we might get Texas.