Tom Hall
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"Tom A. Hall" is a game designer born in Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he received a B.S. in Computer Science.

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I have that fresh start feeling that comes around every September, ... That's one of the unique things about educationevery new school year is like spring.

There is a huge umbrella of programs that homeowners and businesses will be eligible for if we offer to acquire their property.

Hands, the perfect metaphor for Barry Avrich's visual masturbation.

There comes a point in time when youth can't be used as an excuse for why we can't do something or get a win.

I thought our defense would be a little better this year, ... We probably need some better coaching to get them to where I think they should be. But the offense made some progress last week. Especially (quarterback) Jared Williams.

We're getting very creative in that regard.

The players and coaches have to take more responsibility to turn this thing around. We've got four games under our belts and that should be enough to know what we have, what we can and can't do, and to work on those things that will make us a better football team.

It is our responsibility to find a decent, safe and sanitary home for our property owners.

The offense has not helped the defense much at all. Our special teams has fumbled several kickoffs giving the other team easy scoring chances. I think our defense has done about as well as could be expected under those conditions.