She moved so well without the basketball tonight and you have to compliment our girls because they did a great job looking for her. I?m just thankful the girls did a great job of executing the plays and setting screens for her and getting her a lot of open looks.

It was a win. We'll take it.

They have no superstar. You just have to go out there and play them straight up. You have to play good team defense. Our team has to maintain focus and stay within the team defense concept.

It really creates such a deficit for us to come back from. Sometimes it's just real difficult to come down here and win.

I think we feel pretty good right now what we've done so far. We just have to continue to build momentum, continue to get better with a different lineup than we've had the past two or three games. We have to continue to find different people to step up and contribute.

We just finally got confidence back. I think we just continued to keep working, keep shooting while still staying disciplined on their shot selection. We were taking good shots.

It was a win, we'll take it. We made it a lot more difficult than we needed to.

They played really well in the first half. Their legs were fresh and we could handle the contact and the bumping and grinding. But when that continues in the third and fourth quarter, that just wears on you.

I'm just really pleased. We did not shoot the ball well tonight at all. Our girls kept on attacking and making good decisions. We had just four turnovers for the game. That compensated for our lack of shooting tonight.