These guys (Domino's corporate officials) lost a lot and they still helped.

Having a passion for something is a really great way to live your life. You can be passionate about anything, but what better thing to have a passion for than animals, for working with dogs.

That's all they had medicine for, ... I never realized how many diabetics there are in this country.

We are actually in a good home with our new family. As soon as I get my (driver's) license, everything is downhill from there.

It's going to happen someday when I am doing normal things. When everything seems normal, I am going to sit back and think of the hundreds of people that I knew.

This settlement is important because it protects the family farm and the financial security of the family and his children.

When you reach out for help and it's just not there, it's like signing a death sentence. The more they cut beds, they are killing people on the streets.

We do have a fortunate story. This man (Mueller) opened up his home to us. He was paying his employees. They were giving pizza to police officers.