This was a great team effort after we came out cold in the first quarter. Missing our first 14 shots and being down only four points is a credit to our pressure defense.

We got a lot of compliments around the room, ... We make mistakes . . . (but) every day, we try to improve.

We felt like in a lot of cases the parents might not be aware that this was going on with their children, ... We were just advising them to start paying attention to their children's computer habits.

We're looking to identify funds if we can. We're also looking at other resources to assist the government in making this a reality, ... At this point, we don't have a particular source of funding for that but we're still looking if we could help in finding [another] way to assist.

It's a viable incentive that's available especially for new investors. It's not the ultimate solution but it helps them settle down. The CDA is doing it best to encourage investors to come in.

That needed to be ironed out with the U.S. State Department.

We played against a very physical team last night, and in a loss like that you try to find positive things. Now our team knows what it's like to be banged and bruised - and still lose by just four points.