Tom Gilbert
FameRank: 5

"Thomas Kelly Gilbert" is an United States/American ice hockey Defenceman/defenseman who is currently playing for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League. He has previously played for the Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild and the Florida Panthers.

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Everything's pretty well cleaned up except for the siding and garage doors out back.

We have enough confidence in him that we know we can win games with him. And he knows it too.

The FBI agent said it wouldn't be unusual for them [ELF] to take on a case like this, if they were involved.

Thank God they didn't get into the building.

It didn't get high enough to ruin any files.

After seeing (Elliott) tonight, I don't think anyone can say he's not going to start every game, especially in the WCHA.

If you have a goaltender that can make big saves like that, it motivates us and keeps our spirits high.

We will let the judicial process run its course. Anything beyond that will be handled as an internal team matter.

The biggest part now is just getting all the parts they need to replace the equipment.