David had this idea. And I said yes.

I think the guys were tired of not producing. Enough had been enough. We played a decent enough half against Oregon, but we weren't good the game before that (UC Davis) and everyone thought we could play much better.

We would have preferred a smoother, more effective ability to access the information that Sprint possessed. Time is critical in an investigation where you've had an abduction of a child.

These may be the most structured arrangements we?ve ever worked with. A lot of jazz is in combos and we sort of jam our way through. But this stuff, for the most part everything is notated.

I?ve worked with quite a few dancers. It?s a real challenge.

We have to have a melody line. So if one of our sax players needs to stick with one part, maybe the trombone player will grab the melody from another score.

I wouldn't say it's easy. We're coming out and giving it our best every minute. Sometimes the other team is not, and that's where the point differential is coming into play.