Tom Donohue
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"Thomas James Donohue" is a retired professional baseball player who played 2 seasons for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/California Angels of Major League Baseball.

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Overall we are optimistic about the prospects for the economy, ... yet in some important respects, 2006 could be a more difficult year for companies and the business agenda.

I think it's extraordinary that we've gotten off the position where the EU is looking to us, blaming us -- which is getting to be a habit over there. We stepped up and put it on the table. Now they can stop talking and starting acting.

We have no problem with increased border enforcement in a reasonable way, or with reasonable requirements that employers verify the work status of who they hire, but we strongly oppose the House bill, as does much of the business community, because it is simply unworkable, unreasonable and fundamentally unfair.

I'm not going down there to cheerlead, ... My plan is to lay out, on behalf of the business community, the concerns that we have about what needs to be done to get the economy back on the right path.

Let's find them, let's prosecute them, and let's put them in jail.

I just talked about my diagnosis. I gave them the timeline for how it happened. People thanked and hugged me.