"Tom "Big Daddy" Donahue", was a pioneering rock and roll radio disc jockey, record producer and concert promoter.

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We did not receive a significant number of requests from customers who wanted to cancel existing reservations.

We will continue our picketing by all legal means available to us. What about the lockout? Doesn't that constitute abusive behavior by Disney/ABC?

I am grateful that I know. I now know I have the tools I need to keep me healthy for years to come.

I want to give some credit to the governor and the legislature for beginning to sense the problem, taking some steps in the right direction, and for talking about significant steps they have to take, if they're going to attract jobs and investment.

The union would agree to terminate the strike after the 24-hour period and agree further in writing not to again strike over information relating to the company's proposed health care plan.

It's a privilege to help make these areas playable again and contribute to a recreational facility the neighborhood can be proud of.

In lieu of any further strike action on the issue, the parties would jointly submit their positions to the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board, who would review and issue a decision which would be binding on the parties.