I just don't think it's fair that teams that abuse their caps, they had a way to eliminate some of their problems. I don't like that part of the system. There should be some penalty for the teams that didn't handle their caps.

[Evans] is appealing in his speed and his ability to make big plays, ... We felt that he was a complete receiver. There are a lot of guys that are fast who struggle catching the ball. Lee is a fast guy who can catch. That's a nice combination to have.

We're hopeful that in the next week or two that we can get him back on the practice field.

We will offer a comment when Willis has been cleared by our doctors for practice.

It always is. People get excited when you win and too upset when you lose. There's never any middle ground.

There are six or seven backs who could fall anywhere from late in the first to late in the second.

If you have two picks, you're in a position where you can take him and not expect to get anything out of him this season. It's hard for a team with one first-rounder to do that. I don't know too many teams that don't need something out of their first-rounder this year.

That's a pretty good roster for an expansion team.

There's something about the character of this team that when their backs are up against the wall, they respond.