"88, 89"

/position=Offensive guardDefensive end

/college=North Carolina A&T State University/North Carolina A&T


/AFLDraftedRound=Second Selection

/Retired #s=



/Honors="American Football League Champion, 1964American Football League Champion, 1965"




/teams=NFL Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Cardinals"American Football League/AFL" Buffalo Bills"AFL" San Diego Chargers"AFL" Buffalo Bills



"Thomas Frederick Day ("Tippy")" (August 20, 1935 — August 21, 2000) was an American collegiate and Professional Football player. A defensive end, he played college football at North Carolina A&T State University, and professionally in the American Football League for the Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers. He was part of the Bills' defense which did not allow a rushing touchdown for 17 consecutive games over a portion of the 1964 AFL season/1964 and 1965 AFL season/1965 seasons, winning the American Football League playoffs/American Football League Championship in both years. Day was an American Football League All-Star games/AFL All-Star in 1965.

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The symbolism of having a live bugler helps provide the family closure. For the musicians like Ed, they join a community of their peers, and find a sense of purpose and duty.

We're doing a 10-foot-high golden retriever looking at a reflection in a mirror. If you look at it from any angle, you see what you'd see if you looked in a mirror.

In this divided system, there will not be an entity to hold accountable for the performance of the Postal Service.

We seem to have escaped any real danger, and even maybe now the flood danger we were looking at has passed by the looks of it.

My concern would be ... there comes a tipping point in the financial services industry where the balance goes so heavily towards electronic means of communication for bills and bill payment that they may get more aggressive in providing incentives to customers to get them out of the mail.

This is the tenth year Waterville Valley is hosting the New Hampshire Special Olympics and we always look forward to this time of the season. Seeing the smiles on everyone's faces at the end of the games reminds us of just how blessed we are to be a small part of their lives.

I?m sure my mother would struggle with it, but people who are comfortable with computer technology, after just a few basic tips, they understand how to use it.