Similar to other established newspaper partnerships we have, the RMS solution, offered through The Houston Chronicle and Scripps Treasure Coast, will provide employers a fast, easy-to-use resource for sorting and screening candidates. Using this solution will provide newspapers a new revenue channel, in addition to proving the value of print.

Though our employees are scattered across the country like many of clients, we have been operating virtually for about 10 days now. Our only limitation is access to paper files and a temporary inability to access servers housed at our Canal Street office.

Those trees really should be taken out.

I love these (new) plans because the veil is lifted on everything.

My concern with the lottery is that I don't know if this will be new money on top of what we have already been getting or whether they will use some of this to supplant what they have already provided us.

This is sort of like renewing marriage vows, ... The marriage happened about 42 years ago. Now both parties are reinvesting in the program and we think the best is yet to come.

One gentleman was floating by and snagged the light fixture out front and tied himself off to it and carved his initials in the wall, because he knew the owners and was hoping they would recognize him if they found him after the storm.

I'm very confident in the budget, ... The department heads did a wonderful job of proposing budgets. We're not proposing cutting any services or laying off any employees.