I didn't like our energy level. Maybe the fact we were playing our fifth game in eight days had something to do with that. I'm going to talk to the athletic director about that scheduling.

Through our first seven games, we had almost twice as many turnovers as assists (117 to 59) and, believe it or not, we were 4-3.

There's always so much more room for improvement in my brain.

We won our first district title back in 1993 on a half-court shot, and I thought it was going to happen again.

I thought we did pretty well after not playing for two weeks. It's always tough coming back after a long break like this.

Things that have won games for us didn't happen tonight. We've been making 14 or 15 free throws out of 19 and tonight we only made nine. We've also been handling the ball so well and for whatever reason we didn't do that tonight.

We were playing well, but right now are pretty disjointed. During the Christmas break, we only had three kids who were at all the practices. Others missed for a whole bunch of reasons, so it's no wonder things were disjointed.

We have to play better in the beginning. We got down and had to fight our way back in. If we played better at the beginning, we wouldn't have to claw our way back in.

We'd get behind, then close the gap, then they'd hit a couple of threes. We doubled Rodriguez a couple of times and left Noriega open.