"Tom Callahan" was an American basketball player. He played collegiately for the Rockhurst University. He played for the Providence Steamrollers (1946–47) in the National Basketball Association/BAA for 13 games.

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It's frustrating because we've been in three consecutive games, but we have not gotten the clutch hit when we needed it. But putting (the players) in these situations can only help them in the long run. And our pitching is good. I'm very encouraged by that.

That's the best you can ask for. I think he's done that.

He's our stopper. He's taken the ball in all our big games.

[He] was blessed to have forgotten his binoculars.

We've had pitchers throw into the sixth inning in our last seven ball games. And he's set an example because his biggest problem last year was his conditioning. He ran out of gas a lot. But he's gotten stronger, and he's gotten a little more bite on his slider, and that's given him a lot more confidence when he comes to the mound. That's the biggest difference in his game this year.

It's definitely a trend, particularly in the upper end of the market. People like large bathrooms, and one way to give a feeling of space is if you have a large glass shower without the tub.

Only a few millionaires with wet bottoms were very disappointed.