Tom Brady
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"Thomas Edward Patrick" ""Tom"" "Brady, Jr." is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities.

I don't care about three years ago, ... I don't care about two years ago. I don't care about last year. The only thing I care about is this week.

When you hang with a bunch of 300-pound linemen, you tend to find the places that are the greasiest and serve the most food.

Each year is entirely different.

I don't think there's a lot of carry over from year-to-year. I don't think anybody cares what you did the year before.

WIth football you can have up to 28 guys you consider starters, and if they can pick up the slack when some aren't playing so well, you don't have to turn those two game losing streaks into six-game losing streaks.

What does three-peat mean? ... I'm hoping to put together three good days of practice. I don't think we've done that yet this year.

I practice yoga at Baptiste Power Yoga, which has studios around town. It's great for flexibility, it's therapeutic, and great for your attitude. And it gets you some silence during your day.

I think often times when you are successful, you think, 'Oh, man, well, we must have done everything right,' but the guys who are here, we realize that we're always trying to improve and that's no different this year, ... Even in those [winning] years, we were not perfect in every phase.