There are some signs that things are getting better.

You have to believe that high prices have certainly hurt some demand. But how much is another story. If prices at the pump start falling, everyone will go right back to their old ways of guzzling gas.

There's been a lot of gas headed this way. Can we sustain these types of import numbers? Probably unlikely, but we've had a pretty good surge in the last three weeks.

There is a long list of production and refineries out because of the hurricane. The course is similar to what we saw with Ivan last year, which hit production for a long time.

We still have some major problems down in the Gulf, and they're not going to go away.

I hate to use the word crisis, but there is certainly potential for real supply tightness.

The inventories have built a little bit, but that doesn't mean an outage somewhere doesn't cause price spikes.

The market is just breaking down a bit after rallying in the middle of the week.

We certainly can't stand another storm, ... That's why people are watching the storms out there now.