Tom Beckett
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"Thomas Anthony Beckett" Order of the British Empire/CBE (born 1962) is a British Army officer. Most recently he served as Chief of Staff for the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

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Yale's proud legacy of leadership shines through with this class of honorees.

I don't think the situation was much different than what other growing school districts experience.

The school has the capacity to handle the number of students at this time. The annex has been opened to handle any overflow. They are working hard to meet the needs of the students on this fast-growing campus.

The state has mandated we get more proactive in addressing this, ... We will adopt a specific policy on bullying.

Tom's a wonderful person and outstanding role model. We value what he's done (but) we felt it was the right time to begin new leadership.

I cannot go into detail on that, but from my understanding, the situation has been resolved. I'm not sure to whose satisfaction it has been resolved but that is the information I've been given.

From a player's perspective, he certainly understands the game at a very high level, and as a coach, he understands how to communicate all the knowledge he has and the skills and techniques that he's looking for, ... I think the search was very successful. Kevin is an outstanding young coach.

With the current enrollment nearing 1,150 students, the old process of dismissal proved inadequate for the current situation.