By the time he came back, he had a huge smile on his face. To see wrestling transpire into a good education, what more do you want?

This is the first time we've ever brought back five medals.

We got a pretty good kid out of Stevie, and a pretty good kid out of Ryan, and Adam has two state medals under his belt already.

Adam is kind of a combination of his two brothers. He's on the smaller side like Stevie was when he first started, but he's a physical kid and a physically hard worker in the weight room like Ryan. He can be physical on the mat like Ryan, but he's more of a slick wrestler like Stevie. He can use his feet to be slick or be pretty powerful.

The unique thing is that the success of the two programs really goes hand in hand. We've had a lot of colleges calling this year. The success we've had really has opened doors, not only for these wrestlers but for the ones in the future.