My wife said she saw me warm up and she went upstairs behind the bullpen to bring others to watch me warm up, and by the time they got down there, I was in the game. So she had to walk right back down there [to where she was sitting]. She said by the time she got back down there, I had one batter left, and I threw that last pitch and that was it.

I grew up watching [former Brave] Kent Mercker. Now he's a locker down from me. How do you figure that out? It blows my mind. I don't think he knows I used to come watch him when I was 12.

I think people have forgotten what happened. I think we should show the footage every single day to let people know what al-Qaeda did, and why we've got people over there [in Afghanistan and Iraq] to protect people here. The fact that we're over there is because of what happened on 9/11, so I think they should show it on TV, every single day.

My mind-set right now is I'm not even on the team. I've got to go into spring training to earn that spot to be on the 25-man roster. From there, everything will take care of itself.

I can bring my two girls out here in the afternoon and let them play on the mini-field. It's a blast. I never did that before.

We were down here in Atlanta every weekend, ... I was here when Sid Bream slid into home [to win the 1992 National League Championship Series]. I saw the 1995 playoffs here. I used to come down here and watch Kent Mercker pitch all the time, now he's a locker down from me.

The season's over, but now's the time I can actually work on some stuff. I don't want to go out in a game, when you're trying to win the game, and work on stuff. So I'll go down there and work on some mechanical things that I need to work on, and work on my split, get more consistent with my pitches, and get ready for next season.

I was warming up and I heard someone call my name. I'm just a guy fighting for a spot on this team, and he knew who I was.

It's a great experience to play here, ... I just wish it was Fulton County [Stadium]. I don't know what it is about Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. I guess maybe [I like it] because it's the first stadium I went to. Plus, I like those circle stadiums. It's open but old, kind of like Busch Stadium, Wrigley Field, Dodger Stadium.