Enterprise CRM customers like AIG Edison are naturally concerned with the future and ongoing costs of their existing CRM infrastructure in light of recent market events. AIG Edison understands that Onyx provides them with an enterprise solution that will support them as they continue to grow.

One of the big benefits of an enterprise CRM solution is the ability to access vital customer data, regardless of device or locale. Onyx customers in the United States, Europe or Japan can now access and leverage customer data in real time. This is of great interest not only to our enterprise-level Japanese customers, but also to our multi-national customers with worldwide operations.

We are pleased that Onyx has been recognized as a leading solution provider in the Enterprise CRM marketplace. Onyx's unique blend of integrated CRM, business process management and analytics empowers our customers every day to increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

CDC is made up of Pivotal, IMI, which is a supply chain player, and Ross, which is an ERP player. CDC has integrated none of these into a suite. This new entity was going to be made up of all these new pieces, plus Onyx. Our shareholders were going to walk away being a small, minority owner in CDC, as opposed to being 100 percent owners in Onyx, a company that is doing very well right now.