We're expecting to cool off a little bit, but we're hoping we can maintain our hitting. We know the runs aren't going to come, but we hope to keep hitting it hard and put it in play a bunch. We're very realistic, but it's good to have this confidence built up now.

A.J. was nails. He was tough. He was very good for us and I hope we get that the rest of the season from him.

That's nice to see from him. He didn't play last year and had a real good summer season. We're happy he's here. He's added a lot to our team. It's nice to have him on the mound for us in those kind of situations.

They're definitely scoring one and possibly two. If he doesn't knock it down and get over and touch the base, we're losing at that point. It was a great play and it was very timely. We got lucky with him being a lefty.

We got a break. Good teams take advantage of mistakes or breaks, and we got a break there.

This is as competitive, from top to bottom, that the conference has been in a long time. Every time you step on the field for a conference game, you know you're going to be in a battle.