"Todd Anderson" is a retired rugby league footballer of the '90s. He played for the Newcastle Knights in 1990.

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This was her granddaughter and the relatives involved. The way it happened, some of what I've observed from her, some of what I've learned from other people, indicate that what she did, there's no explanation for.

The thought of the laws are great, but the enforcement value of them is pretty thin and it's really going to boil back to the parents.

The draw is set up for her.

We have reason to believe that there may be different locations that [Morris] would go to out of the state.

We are not coming to any conclusions at this time, ... He [Morris] is a person of interest. He obviously has not been recovered at the scene. That's why we're expanding our search right now on the ground.

The person who was at that house that day was somebody that they did not know, meaning her personality that day was different. Her actions were different.

They put up a good fight. I can't complain about the effort - they ran into team more consistent than they were.

If we play the way we've played tough teams all season, it's realistic that we could get through the first couple of rounds. If we let the pressure of the situation get to us. If we play to our potential, we could all be playing Saturday.

Right now, the only person we're looking for is Mr. Morris.