Do we look out for the good of one or the good of the many? We have to do what is best for the schools.

We've tried to crack down on habitual offenders. A lot of times, these are very difficult decisions to make. These aren't bad kids -- they are just kids who have made a bad decision.

We're still several years off. Whether it's three years off or 20 years off, it just depends on who you are speaking to.

It's up there. We needed the game tonight.

When I first volunteered to do this, I knew there was the possibility to go to Iraq. I knew I wanted to work with the Marines. It was just kind of a fluke accident. I really didn't feel like I was in danger out there.

We've heard some concerns from the community. We are just trying to alleviate concerns by showing them that we are planning for this move now, even though it won't happen until the 2007-2008 school year.