He has had several job offers, but hasn't taken those. He's asked to be allowed to come to my office and to go to a meeting with his priest and attend a 12-step meeting once a week.

I would ask you to look at whether any real harm was done. It doesn't appear to me to require any active jail time.

He has a criminal history he's not proud of.

I can tell you his life is not the one he thinks about.

He makes sales but he begs people to give him some back for himself. It's not for profit, it's for personal use.

Mr. Kennedy was out of control and acting out of desperation. He owed money and was fearful.

He didn't get off to too good of a start. Let's hope he gets to a better finish.

It looks that way because my client can't quit drinking.

He's advised the court what his name is. He's not required to do that under oath.