A lot of fine-dining establishments ask people not to use their cell phones. In a fancy restaurant, I turn off my cell phone.

Japanese food has been going up like a rocket, while Chinese, which was overwhelmingly the most prominent Asian cuisine in the States in 1990, has stalled in the past 15 years.

There weren't an awful lot of German restaurants anywhere in the U.S., but Chicago had the best of what there were.

Where it was once de rigueur to wear a tie in New York's finer establishments, that practice is now de rigor mortis.

The bottom line is New York retail has it all, no matter what your tastes. And our new shopping guide will help you find it all - from the best deals to the finest luxury items.

Wolfgang Puck and his wife, Barbara Lazaroff, have it all. There are endless people, who are either imitating him or trying to, but it's very hard to imitate somebody who is that good and that creative.

Great food with real local flavor is just a short cab ride away.

It's by far the largest.