That doesn't mean I don't get him tomorrow, and just because he was 0-for-5 doesn't mean he's going to be 0-for-6, so I don't buy into that stuff, I guess. So it's just a different story if I make my pitch.

The weird thing about playing all those day games after night games is, you're almost not even sore until about the fourth inning of the day game. So you tell them you feel good. Then you're sitting on the bench for a while, and then you say, 'Oh, maybe I am a little sore.' But I guess I'm a little used to it, knowing what to expect.

Or we can work on something at home and save it to bring to school and put it up on the SMART Board.

I just fell behind and made a pitch up and over the plate.

If you get a good lead, then when you hit your rough spot, it doesn't hurt as bad.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's something that's not super-serious and we caught it early. But that's not good. We need him. He's a big key to our rotation and pitching staff.

He's aggressive, a tough out. He's one of the guys you don't like to see coming off the bench. No doubt about it. You know when you see him, it's a crucial spot. You've put yourself in a predicament, and here comes Mark.

I felt fine, and that was the first time I'd gone back-to-back, which I hadn't done in the spring.

If I am the closer, I'm glad that he has the confidence in me to do that, since I haven't had a great spring.