A lot of consumers use the term 'bait and switch' when they hear this.

The big issue is award availability. Whenever you have a capacity reduction, that inevitably translates directly into fewer award seats, and I have no doubt that will happen in this case.

I think it's pretty much inarguable that the value of frequent-flyer miles is on the decline.

I welcome the idea of an airline giving serious attention to the nutritional specifications of these snacks.

The value of a frequent-flyer ticket at the end of the day depends on the value of a revenue ticket that you might have bought had you not used your miles.

At some point the new labor force will get up to speed and will be able to kind of truly replace the labor that has been lost through this strike. But that's probably a couple of months out.

I wouldn't worry about actually getting where I'm going, but I would count on there being a fairly high probability of my getting there later than anticipated.