I think it'll be a good game. They have a chip on their shoulder and I like that because that's what our team needs to have. That's what we're working for when we play them.

Lindsey is a tremendous spark for us, and that was one of the reasons I felt comfortable with her in the lead-off slot. It's not in our team's character to go out and take the first pitch. I tell them to come out swinging, so I wasn't surprised when she swung at strike one. She came back and sent the next pitch sailing.

I don't know that it's a bad rule or a good rule. It's an administrative rule that I've seen called quite a few times.

I want to know what our record is when the opponents score first because we seem to be coming back a lot. That's just going to help us down the road to play tight and win close games.

We knew if we were going to have a chance against Michigan we were going to have to get some clutch hits. We showed a lot of patience at the plate in the seventh inning and Lindsey Cameron came through with that clutch hit.

Obviously they were both highly recruited pitchers, so I definitely expect them to do what they're doing. But they still have to improve. They're two freshmen that are making progress to be better.

Our pitching staff still has to improve, and they know that. If they can get over the hump and make quality pitches, and we can cut our strikeouts down, we'll be in every ball game this weekend.

We won't know the true ramifications of a quality schedule like this until the end of the year when it comes selection time. That's what our goal is. We don't care about wins and losses.

I was nervous two weeks ago. I was nervous in anticipation for our athletes to get that first game under their belts.