"Timothy "Tim" Walker" is a United Kingdom/British fashion photographer, who regularly shoots for Vogue (magazine)/Vogue, W Magazine and LOVE (magazine)/LOVE Magazine.

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We knew we had to go in (the water) and stripped down to our jocks and shorts.

As I turned to look back, [Blake] looked up at me, ... I gave him a head nod and a wave. I'm a fan. It was nice to see him there.

You could see it. He was always talking to himself. He would be as close as you and I, and you could see him carrying on a conversation with himself.

At times we play defense with our offense. I subscribe to that Lou Holtz football theory a little bit. If I've got the ball, the other team can't score.

After Monday night, the gas tank was half-empty coming in here. I think we chipped away at a few points, but it took too much energy to do that. They came out a little better, and they did a nice job of jumping on us like that.

The bigger departments are looking at that.

He's a great guy and a good friend. He's been a real help with our program.

We hit shots, and we hit the offensive glass really well. That was the whole key to the game.

It is very important that each person knows what they are supposed to be doing, their personal tasks, ... Defects are assigned to people in a specific order for completion. The dashboard and flowcharts allow management to see our progress in real time and communicate progress to our senior management.