We finally said we shoot the 3. That's what we do, and we don't apologize for it. We're going to continue to do it.

It was all about comfort. She feels very comfortable there and she has a great opportunity to go in and play significant minutes.

We played uninspired tonight. We were a bit tentative early because of they were so physical.

We shot the ball extremely well in the first half. We were 8 of 14 from 3-point range and once we started making our perimeter jump shots that opened up our inside game for Fuller and Jones.

We have been concentrating on crowding people on the perimeter with our size inside.

We beat a great basketball team tonight, certainly as tough a team as we've ever faced in the 10 years that I've been (at Monroe).

We had three or four go in and out.

Jen Jones' 3 out of the (left) corner is off of a play that we put in at halftime. That was nice to see that we put something in that they actually ran it, and we got something out of it.